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Breathe Life Into Your Brand


Branded products are tangible, practical and powerful brand promoters. Custom printed with your distinguished logo, company name or message, they are one of the most effective ways to increase customer loyalty, elevate sales opportunities and raise your corporate identity. Additionally, It delivers a higher ROI than TV, radio and web banners. But forget outdated relics and cliché company mugs. We specialize in custom-made, luxury gifts that are practical, aesthetic and in line with the latest trends. 

At Liberté, we pride ourselves on surpassing all of our client’s expectations through unrivaled care and service. With excellence indicators that encourage trust, you can rest assured your brand is in good hands.  


Expressions of Excellence

Liberte was founded in 2019 with a mission and passion for delivering high quality and creative branded corporate gifts designed to leave a strong, positive impression catered for various demands.

We provide a complete solution including consulting, designing, customizing, manufacturing, packaging, shipping, and everything in between. Liberté is the first and last stage for all the needs of your branded gifts.

Prestige. Influence. Leadership. These are at the heart of Liberté’s values. Through innovative merchandise, we help to put the power of branding back in your hands. To position you as a true industry-leader that thinks bigger and looks further. 

In addition to these values, we adopt a duty of caring and contributing to the community, and believe that in doing so, we can create a brighter future for our society. 

The trust and support of customers over the time are a great encouragement on our development path. Liberté will constantly improve our products and services in order to best satisfy our clients.


We take pride in our flexibility of pricing, order quantity, delivery time, sample, packaging etc., all to bring you a solution that fits your unique needs, every time. Whatever your vision, we try our best to bring it to life.

Together we win

At Liberté, we transform ideas into reality by constantly innovating and developing our products. As thought leaders in branded merchandise, we understand the importance of partnerships and and we believe - together we will create values ​​and differences, together we will growth and create a positive impact in the industry. 

Our Core Values

  • Liberté always appreciates freedom and breakthroughs in the way of how we think and act. 
  • In addition to our passion in bringing customers great experiences and values. We commit that we would integrate our sustainable development with responsibility to community and society. This is reflected in the commitment to donate 5% of our profit to organizations and charity funds. Together we create the world a better place!


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Business Registration Certificate No. 0315674482 issued by Department of Planning and Investment of Ho Chi Minh City on May 13, 2019